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Pittsburgh Vintage Grand Prix PVGP meet-up

29 December 2010
Pittsburgh, PA
Not sure how this will evolve, but to get the ball rolling: Who wants to meetup sometime the week of July 15 during the Pittsburgh Vintage Grand Prix? John Komar will be back in his hometown from Mon-Thur July 15-18 and I figured this could be a good opportunity for many/most of us to meet for the first time with or w/o NSX's for a few beers and to peruse the car shows throughout the week.

I took the liberty here of starting a meetup list - feel free to add or delete your name. At first I thought it would be 4 or 5 names long then I was surprised to see how many PGH NSX owners I've talked with this year once I jotted them all down:

1. Yinzer
2. 99NCNSX
3. trn107
4. PghMiller
5. Vivanshah
6. Formula93
7. elidrag
8. Fuoss484
9. plesset

I'm kind of excited because the Marque of the Year is the Ford Mustang. I worked for Ford from 1993-2000 and 2003-2004 and collected a good bit of Mustang-related stuff while with the supercharged '96 Cobra team for 4 months. Now might be the time for me to sell my Mustang goods that have been sleeping in a box for 18 years to support my new NSX habits. Add or delete your name above and post any requests or ideas!

From their website:

PVGP schedule

The Wednesday event at Bossa Nova sounds good

The Thursday cruise might convince me to take a vacation day for a ride:
This tour will depart from a location yet to be determined on Thursday, July 18 at approximately 10:00 AM. The tour will take us along the back roads of Pennsylvania with a lunch time destination at the English style Coventry Inn in Indiana, PA. After lunch the tour will continue along the back roads and return to Pittsburgh. We will inform you of the exact starting time in the near future. The cost of the tour is $60.00 and will include your car entry and two people. Lunch for two people at the Coventry Inn is included. If you elect to have one car and lunch for one person, the cost is only $45.00.


The Pittsburgh Vintage Grand Prix, presented by Shop ‘n Save, started out as a single single day race in Schenley Park in 1983. Our tribute to motorsport history culminates that magical weekend, our event has blossomed into a 10-day celebration spanning six venues and two counties. The links in this section will give you just a taste of what has become PVGP Race Week. The complete Grand Prix schedule can seem overwhelming so we hope this page helps layout our entire event. Basically it is two weekends of vintage racing with supporting car shows and events in between. There is also a Kick-Off Rallye that occurs on July 7, outside the 10 day window.
Wow, I swear I didn't see the bold red SOLD OUT earlier - wonder if it just sold out or if I just didn't notice. Today was my first peek at the PVGP site and I didn't read the page fully so I also didn't notice the 30 car limit. Well, the good thing is we live in Western PA and it's not hard to find good roads w/o having to pay $60. Last Sunday I picked up my 14 year old nephew and we drove around for 2 hours randomly picking which turn to make throughout the north Sewickley and south Cranberry/Wexford area. Saw a bunch of twisties and maybe 2 other cars the entire time!
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Sweet. I might have to follow you next time. Have you been to the PVGP before? If not, it's a great event. I think I've taken my car the last three years.
Sure, I foresee a morning group ride in all our future here.

I've been there a number of times but sporadically throughout the week. This year I'm going to try to make the M-Tu-W-Th events. I've always wanted to do the Bossa Nova event but have not yet.

My post above: make that west Sewickley Hills area.

Did you show your NSX or just drive it there?
I had my car in the show. Last year, my dad and I were walking around checking out all of the other cars. Usually, there were at least a couple of NSX fans around the car, but when we got back...empty. Then I saw the crowd around the newly arrived GT-R. My dad said, "You're back to a bridesmaid, huh?"
Andy, great idea. Can't wait. Listen, do me a favor and start a roster of western PA NSX owners. I started one down here in NC that includes owners in NC/SC and southern VA. Now numbers over 70. Typically what I do is list their name/city/year and color of NSX, Prime ID, e-mail address and a phone number. When I organize NSX events down here I broadcast on Prime and send an e-mail message to all.

I am hoping to get many of the PA NSX owners down here in October for NSXPO 2013. This roster would be a good way to communicate with them.

Talking about Mustangs - see below my 1969 Mach 1 - purchased in July of 1969 just after graduating from CMU. This photo was taken down near New Stanton on a road that runs parallel to the turnpike between New Stanton and Irwin. The photo was taken in August so the Mach 1 was just 2 months old.

Regards, John - Co-Chair NSXPO 2013 - Raleigh, NC
not sure which events i'll be able to make, but i'll definitely be there for something!
I'm in for anything. Keep me updated please. I didn't even see this thread until today, and had I not been poking around the forums, I would NOT have seen this at all! I think I've been invited to be included in the Walnut Street event. Gary, the guy who runs/organizes it, contacted me about it. I know 1 more NSX owner in Pgh that I'm trying to get interested in the CnC meets, but this guy has other muscle cars and normally goes to THOSE car meets throughout the summer (Caste Village sundays... Al's Café Wednesdays... I'll actually swing by Al's tomorrow to see if he's there... by the way, he's an AWESOME mechanic). WE ALL NEED TO GET TOGETHER SOON!!!
Sorry about that, I'm really behind this week in a few things and haven't "caught up from the weekend." I will be PM'ing each of us locallers who I listed above and inform them about this thread, as well as followup on John K's post from a few days ago. We still have 6 weeks luckily. Speaking of having a busy weekend, I finally got my "new" NSX inspected last weekend - took me a little hunting to find an inspection location with OBD1 emissions equipment. Highly recommend Bobby Rahal Mercedes in Wexford. Techs wear surgeons gloves, they placed a cotton cover over my front seat, and they have a monitor in the waiting room. I looked up and fumbled for my iPhone to take this shot before it went out of view.



Will send PM's out to the list above soon. I plan to decompress from a super busy past 3 weeks and find a table at a coffee shop in Shadyside this Saturday morning and type up a little "hello new NSX owner" post in the New Owners Forum.

Talk soon, and yes, get that other NSX owner's name. Great!
Wow, that's a clean looking shop!
I stopped by a local car meet to see if that other nsx guy that I've run into before was there... And he was... And he IS interested to get together one day soon with all of us. '98 kiezer silver targa with a type r carbon fiber hood.
I will be there Fri 7/19 thru Sun 7/21. I am still a member of the NSX club but currently drive an 08 Mustang Shelby GT. I will look you guys up when I get there.
I attended the PGH Cars N Coffee today at the new location (Generosta Coffee off the Warrendale exit) and today was "color coordination day" where they put all the same colored cars together in groups... it was sick! There was a lime green Murcielago and lime green Gallardo that they parked right in front of the coffee shop nose-to-nose with a model inbetween posing for pics (because Generosta's company name logo on the front of their building is in lime green as well... so it looked perfect).

Anyways, I was able to convince the other NSX owner in Pgh to tag along (the one I mention in the tread above)... and he loves it, so he's will to come back anytime.

And I talked to the guy that runs these meets, and I told him that we have a list of 10+ NSXs in Pgh... and he told me to get everyone together for a particular day and he will make it "NSX day"!!

So we have to figure out what Saturday works best for all of us (their meet is every other Saturday).

It's easier to communicate via email rather than this site... so anyone from the list below who is interested, please PM me or email me or just post back in this tread your; name, email, PrimeName, and color/year of your NSX, and I will send out a bulk email to everyone so we can figure out a day that works for NSX DAY!!

1. 99NCNSX
2. trn107
3. Vivanshah
4. Formula93
5. elidrag
6. Fuoss484
7. plesset
just a reminder to all that I'm not an NSX owner yet! still searching!
I will be arriving at PVGP Thursday night (7/18) and leaving on Sunday. I will be in the Asian Show paddock on Saturday. I'm told it's a great place to park and view the race. Join me?

Andy, great idea. Can't wait. Listen, do me a favor and start a roster of western PA NSX owners. I started one down here in NC that includes owners in NC/SC and southern VA. Now numbers over 70. Typically what I do is list their name/city/year and color of NSX, Prime ID, e-mail address and a phone number. When I organize NSX events down here I broadcast on Prime and send an e-mail message to all.

John, OK time to get moving here. Will do as you suggest, great idea.

Pittsburghers, western PA'ers, and nearby OH & WVA'ers - how about a meetup Saturday morning July 13 at the next Pittsburgh Cars n Coffee?

If in agreement, I'd like to suggest we not contact them and just show up. I think it would be fun to do a low key "flash mob" with likely around 1/2 dozen local NSX's. Drop your thoughts and availability here. I'm going to reach out to the two local '92 GPW owners who don't frequent this board too often and see if I can convince them to come down. Very much looking forward to meeting some or all of you finally.


PS John - love the Mustang - really, really sharp car. I can see why you picked it and have held onto it. I'd love to see in person. Hopefully in October if my work obligations allow...some of which are out of my control unfortunately due to having to support an intense 24/7 project in Slovenia over 3 weeks that may require 24/7 on-call support from the home office. Crossing my fingers and toes to work out timing to let me get away.
Bummer I'll be out of town the 13th weekend. Would have loved to see the NSX "flash mob!" Enjoy!
Yes Andy that's mine. That was my first ever visit to the Wexford Starlite cruise, it was awesome. I heard it was MUCH bigger last year when they had more parking lots open, but now I guess they closed a lot or two, so it was only a few hundred cars (apparently there used to be several hundred if not 1000+!!!).

I'm down to randomly show up with a handful of NSXs this Saturday... we should meet up beforehand somewhere right off 79 near the warrendale exit so we can drive in together! Otherwise we wouldn't even be able to park next to each other if we show up at different times. (PS the ONLY type of "notification" I will give them is: I will tell the videographer that I will call him when I'M 3 minutes away so he can get his camera ready for a "sweet surprise"... this was at least we'll be SURE to get our arrival on video!)
I have 1 more NSX guy I know will attend with me (Don from Bethel Park with a silver '97-T)... and I'll try to reach the kid with the red one that usually goes, but I haven't seen him there in a while (CJ with a red '91... #65 ever built)

Again, I think it's too hard to converse on THIS website, I honestly wouldn't even have seen this post except I was just perusing around Prime literally TRYING to find all of the threads that I've been included in... so I think we should start a group email (like John has going on with his NC peeps).
Wow, Brian...looks like you found a nice one! There's nothing like a black NSX when the paint is right and the car is clean. (White is nice too, Andy). Glad to you are all communicating there in Pittsburgh. Hope to see you all down here in Raleigh during the NSXPO.

I'll email this link tomorrow to the pgh folk here.

Meanwhile, my friend's wife texted this from the cruise in Cranberry/Wexford tonight. Yours?

Sounds like the best idea - local guys and anyone wanting connected to us: please IM me your email addresses and I'll share with all.

Then we'll get connected that way.

I sent a PM to everyone listed in this thread this morning - Brian, did you get that? Usually PM's get forwarded via emails unless there's a setting on your user Control Panel that may be turned off?

No biggie though - communicating outside of prime would be fine because there are 3 others who rarely or never come by Prime. One of them - GPW owner Dave - is tentatively planning to come next week but can't till around 10:30 but I'll inform him of your idea, if you'd like to try to arrange that. The 3rd GPW owner - also named Dave - I haven't heard back from yet. And no, neither one of them is named David White. I think.