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Pleasantly Surprised - Dyno Results

27 August 2006
SF Bay Area
Hey guys, I just wanted to share and get some feedback on dyno runs. I went with a group to do a dyno day today in the valley and was very pleasantly surprised.

My NSX is a '91 with all stock engine and drivetrain with the exception of a "Thermal" exhaust and Volk TE-37 17/18's (10.5 rears). Both were installed by a previous owner. Don't know much about the exhaust.

Now, since the car was rated for 270hp to the crank out of the factory way back when, I wasn't holding my breath for astonishing numbers, just curious.

I'm happy to report that after 124K miles and 17 years, the result was 236.67hp to the wheels at roughly 7,200 RPM. (3rd pass) What's more is that the car was supposedly running lean and had more to give, given a little fuel mapping.

Not sure exactly what that translates to in hp to the crank, but it was a surprise i wasn't expecting to receive.

Honestly, being that it was the first time I've dyno'ed the car, I was just keeping my fingers crossed to see something over 200rwhp.

So... got any dyno results to share? Is this about average for what you've seen? Better, worse? Help me put this into perspective.