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Please Help CEL and TCS On

6 July 2008
Ontario, Canada
Hi everyone I just bought a 1995 NSX-T, I was driving it home and all of a sudden the Check engine and TCS light came on. I finally got home early this morning and checked the codes. At first I got P1201, P1202, P1203, P1300 and also P1317. The first 4 went away once I cleared them and have not come back. P1317 will not go away, and I have done some reading and it says that it is Spark Plug Voltage Detection Circuit Malfunction, Rear Bank. I am not to sure what I should to fix the problem. Any advice would be much appriciated
First thing to do is remove the coil cover from the rear bank and check if it is the correct cover and not swapped with the front cover. You can tell if the cover has a gasket/seal on the INTAKE side of the coil cover.

The coil cover is the silver cover in the middle of each valver cover.

Second thing is to remvoe the rear bank coils and check for water/rust/etc.

Third thing is to have a look at the passenger side of the engine, since this is where the spark detection module is, and check for loose wires etc. You probably may need to find someone with the same year or 1996 and swap the detection module. They do go bad:).

Ge your self an online 1995+ manual and you will see pcis of the stuff I am talking about.

Thanks so much Larry for the help. I am heading back to school for the week tomrrow after work so I wont be able to get to it until Thrus. Another question this does not effect the car in any way it drives awesome without any problems. thanks again