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Please tell me this is a misprint

You would think that for $135k they would toss in some pics...
^^1+ No doubt. I could see maaayybe $60k for a near perfect model. From a pure collection approach but I still throw up the misprint flag on this.

I don't think it's a misprint, the dealer is probably waiting for someone to make an offer for a $100k. It will most likely never happen but you never know ;).
I wonder if we are going to see this happening more often around these next couple of years. With the next Acura NSX coming out within the next 3 years I think collectors are going to try to sell their pristine super low mileage NSX to maximize the money they can make on it. My guess they are assuming values of our current NSX values will fall more in the future as the newer one depreciates as well so it would be best to sell now.
Thats disgusting...and this is our local Acura Dealer for NSX meets. :frown:

I did get a kick out of the CarFax value check.