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Pod People

6 February 2001
San Diego, CA, USA
Someone in Japan got all excited and double shipped our last NAV POD order, so I have 10 in stock.


$240.00 with internal vent
$205.00 without.

Might make for a good summer project.
Since you have 10 available. . . any chance of a group buy discount if there are enough people interested? :biggrin:
If there's a group buy, count me in. Maybe the guys in the group can find a seller willing to give us a group buy on a monitor?
If you plop an Alpine LCD into the POD you can add on up to 4 video inputs. I have the CAMP engine managment in mine right now, but I have an Alpine 10-Disc DVD changer on order, and I'm looking around for the right Alpine Nav system on E-Bay. In theory you could hook a PS2 or XBOX up - LOL! But I'm not sure I'm going that far. Maybe when then XBOX 360 comes out I'll try to squeeze my old XBOX into the car for giggles. :biggrin: