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Garmin DriveSmart 86 fits in Nav Pod without modification

11 April 2001
Near Houston, TX
Good day, all,

I recently purchased a Garmin DriveSmart 86 navigator and am happy to report that it requires no modification of the unit or the pod to fit into the OEM Nav Pod. The 8" screen is just a few mm too tall, however, so a few mm of the bottom of the screen is covered, but it actually fits snug without any major reinforcement necessary (I put some tape to secure it, that's all, but it appears not to need it).

The nice thing about this unit, too, is that it updates via Wifi, so no need to ever remove it, really. It is also plug and play, and it can turn on and off with the ignition, which is nice (you need an adapter to plug into the clock power supply, which I got from seller "thePrintedNSX" on Etsy, btw).

Also, the Garmin BC 40 Wireless backup cam can be added without having to route any wires or cables to the rear license plate area (hence the term "wireless").

In summary, if you want to add Navi to the OEM Nav Pod without having to modify the pod, wireless backup cam, and various Bluetooth features, you should consider this Garmin product!


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does this connect to the car speakers?
I haven't really tinkered around with it much to investigate it further (it may be possible) - I previously installed a GROM bluetooth adapter connected to the trunk CD port to listen to audio from my iPhone, so that is what I have been using, but the Garmin bluetooth may very well connect to the speakers - I need to look into it!

Edit: It may be possible, but I don’t think I have the know-how to figure it out!
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