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Pole 2 Flag Racing / Great Customer Service after the sale w/replacement part

8 November 2013
Springfield, MO
I want to give a Shout out and a thanks to Tim at Pole 2 Flag Racing for assistance with a part I needed for an upcoming track day at COTA for my 91 NSX.

I have the Bladed adjustable Sway bars on the car (front and rear) from Pole 2 Flag, which have been quite good, however during a recent nut & bolt going over the car prior to an upcoming track day had noticed a missing bushing and nut on one side. The sway bar end link had worked itself loose on the passenger side, and I had lost the bigger bushing and a nut on that side. The nut I could easily source, but not so much the bushing which was hard anodized grey aluminum with a conical taper. A quick phone call, and a short conversation with Tim at Pole 2 Flag, had him shipping out the very same bushing as a replacement via tracking number the very next day (today).

Looking at the tracking number, I should have this part in the mail this coming Saturday, and will shortly thereafter have it on the car to test things out prior to the event with the new tires.

Thank you again to companies like this that make quality parts, and stand behind them when you need something after the sale!

I bought the car some 6+ years ago with 29k original miles in very stock form, and transformed her into a fun weekend driver / track toy.


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2 yrs later😊....Thx Nmo....We sold the last set last month so 25 folks got to feel what is like and how easy it is to adjust roll stiffness....unlike the one piece style.
We are too small to fail and too big not to care.
Thx for supporting us. See you around.