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Polishing products

20 February 2000
Victoria, BC, Canada
Anyone recommends any polishing products that'll make NSX's look REALLY shinny? I tried several waxes and the car only looks 'clean' but not 'shinny'. I've seen a couple of REALLY REALLY shinny NSX's on a website before, looked like they sprayed babyoil on their NSX, but I forgot where the website is.
I use 3M Swirl Remover for Dark Cars, followed by 3M Hand Glaze, Follwed by Mcguairs Paste (Gold Class) for clear coats. Results are very shiny. Thought not as hi-tech as the Zymol NSX or Japon stuff, it works nonetheless.

The Swirl remover is a very mild cutter, the hand glaze is more like a cleaner but has no abrasives in it. The hand glaze fills in the swirls and makes the surface feel like glass. It also promotes was adhesion for whatever wax you choose.
Remember, it's not the wax that gives your car the shine...it's polish. Wax just gives a protective layer on your paint. If you go to any automotive detailing site, they'll always mention that the key to shine, depth, and lustre is with a good polish, followed by wax.

If you need a good place to start, have a look at http://www.autopia-carcare.com
I've used Zaino for two years but I now use Klasse. Zaino is EASY to apply and the Sal Zaino's personal service is great. But I've always been suspicious of one guy in New Jersey re-inventing the car care business with his molecular bonding stories.

Klasse is a proven German product that is an institution in Europe. It's expensive and hard to find. But I'm more comfortable with it. It's in a liquid form and applies easily. If you use a wet rag, it'll come off without dust.

Meguire's Gold Class leaves a lot of powder residue and in my opinion is marketed for retail stores like Pep Boys that cannot carry something as expensive as Klasse.

94 Red & Tan NSX. One of 35 made that year.
I use Meguiars. I like them they are affordable and easy to use. Proof is in the finish. To bad you all don't live in my area so I could prove to you, because cameras do not really pick up light flaws.


I just took this pic today for further proof.


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Anyone recommends any polishing products that'll make NSX's look REALLY shinny?

Zymol! They have a complete range of products, including the Zymol NSX wax formulated specifically for our car's paint.

There's more info in the FAQ. You can buy direct from www.zymol.com or from www.emmonscoachworks.com Both places provide discounts to members of the NSX Club of America.


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