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Poll: NSX Autocross Event in Summer

Would you be interested in an NSXCA NE Autocross Event in Summer?

  • Yes, I would love to participate

    Votes: 9 90.0%
  • No, I am not interested

    Votes: 1 10.0%

  • Total voters
28 December 2001
Berwyn, PA

I have a question for you.
If we organize an Autocross event specifically for the NSX NE club in summer or fall similar to the one that NSX Southwest Club holds each year (please see
5th. Semi Annual CalCoastalNSX Autocross), would you be interested in participating? It would be timed, but not as "crazy" comeptitive as other autocross events such as SCAA or BMWCCA. The main idea is to have fun with other NSXs.

The reason that I am asking this question in advance is because it costs a lot to organize an Autocross event, and it's not feasible if there is not much interest.

If there are substantial interests, but not enough to have an event, this could be an NSX & S2000 joint event as well.

Please share your thoughts.

Thank you.
Depending on work schedule and other details, im in!
Lets do a joint event. Would be great to see the S2000's beat the NSX's :) I'm noticeable faster in my S2000 than in the NSX...
Sounds great....obviously depending on timing