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Post a pic of your latest purchase

7 April 2007
Copied this thread idea from the s2000 forum. Thought it might be cool to see what ppl are doing. Doesn't have to be limited to car stuff.

I'll start I guess....OEM JDM Type R aluminum mesh cover.



this week

- hunter douglas window shades for the kitchen + custom valence cover
- upgraded backbend for all door/window casings through the entire house




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thank you! love your nsx!!!!

WOW, very very nice!! I love it Mike!

thank you. i have pictures of the fireplace being built somewhere. the kewl thing is that i routed all the cabling behind it and into the basement hence the blu ray player/5.1 audio system are hidden in the kitchen cabinets in the adjacent room :)

Love that fireplace

im surprised nobody else is jumping on this thread. we all know that ppl always buy something :D
:frown: Ham sandwich with a slice of cheese..... no photo, sorry.
Last week :)

I realize that this is in the Canadian forums, so maybe I should not have contributed, as I'm in California.


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Jeff Lynne (ELO) T Shirt.


PS You may have got one of the very last OEM NSX R engine covers. They've stopped producing them even though they appear as available they are not.
I was SOL so I got the SOS replica. When it gets here I'll post a review.
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Here are some pics:

My cars in front of the garage.

Closeup of the yellow widebody that I will make available for sale soon.

Instagram of the silver NSX.
Instagram NSX.jpg

My R8, which I sold less than a year ago.

Gemballa GT2.
Gemballa GT2.jpg

Another pic of the Aston Martin.
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Very nice!!!

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hey yawwn, hows it going!!!!
my brother and I met you at the rennsport porsche event at laguna last fall. great collection of cars.....and the house is nice as well.
i should be back down this year for the monterey historics so ill give you a shout if we do.
Thank you alum04org, type-j, and myw.

Hi Eddy,
It's good to hear from you. I definitely remember you and your brother from Rennsport :)
Let me know a little in advance when you are here in Monterey, and hopefully I'll be free. My son was born 3 days ago, so it will be quite hectic in our household for the near future. I can't promise I'll be available, but I'll definitely try.
I'm sorry. I didn't mean to dominate this post at all. My last couple of responses were actually off-topic, as I was responding to you, but I should have taken it offline. I can always create my own thread if people are interested in the other cars.
Please forgive me.

We should continue proceeding with others and their latest purchases.

Ok. Let me start by posting a pic of another thing I recently purchased...


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I just bought one of these.


It was pretty good, but not as good as the Snickers ice cream bar.

Did some work to the house. Nothing special but definitely gave it a bit of a face lift. House is 6 years old and I bought it 4 years ago. 1 of two homes I own but this is the one I live in. The other is a rental property. Some pics below:

2nd pic is the view from the front porch. Pics were taken during the winter. I plan on adding a second floor and flipping in the future as current tenants lease is coming to an end within the year.