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Post pix of the Dali headlight mod please

What Dali headlight mod? I thought the only thing they sell for headlights is the Stongard covering, which wouldn't show up in a picture anyway.
The one-piece headlamp thing where it converts the headlights into one piece that doesnt flip up anymore..maybe DALI doesnt make it....
Dali doesn't make any headlight mods...
you're talking about the marga hills/phase headlight mod, which replaces the stock flip up headlights w/ these stationary mounted ones...

or it may be these...

I'm working on making my own, if anyone's interested please tell me. This will make me more interested in fabricating them, if I find more people are interested in them...
Is the mod on the marga hills car available seperately? (altho I LOVE The marga hills kit)

anyone know the price of these??
I think they look very good.

Electro is your NSX Silver? I would like to see a pic of what they look like on a Silver NSX, and also independent of the full kit (which I usually don't care for, but looks damn good in that picture, IMO)
Looks AWESOME!!! Where can I get the marga hills/phase headlight mod? I've looked around but could never get the name of it.

I think Christmas is going to be special for me!!
I'll bet the kit is going to cost over $7000 but if you want a price I can check on it for you.

Also a friend and I have started selling parts at a considerable price cut. We carry lots of name brand products. I'm not sure whats avaible for the NSX since Dali and Comptech are the major NSX parts producers. If you are intersted in some parts I can check to see if we can get them for you. E mail me at [email protected]

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