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Power steering

6 June 2001
Hey all I'm new here. I'll be getting a 93 NSX and was wondering if I could add power steering to the car as I would be using the car as a daily driver too. Thx
Why would you want a power steering? are you weak or something? No offense but i think it will be better if you keep it as is. Unless you want to get a newer model that has power steering. I'm only 18 and i'm not really bothered by not having a power steering cause my first car didn't have power steering. If you're an old guy than i think you should get power steering.
Good Luck and all the best
It sounds like you haven't driven an NSX yet. I'd suggest driving one - preferably one similar to the one you're considering - before you commit to buying it.
If money is no object, anything is possible.

Translation: Yes you technically could do it, but it would generally be considered cost prohibitive.
Hi Erbock,
I was in the same situation a couple of weeks ago, I just bought a -94 and I was really keen to get the PS. I have owned some non-PS cars before, and remember the bad language I developed during parking with those cars.
I drive the car daily and my opinion now, after have driven the beauty for some time, no way I'm putting the PS on. The NSX is the easiest non PS car I have ever paralleled parking with. but if you still wants to look into it this guy has the hardware you need, he replied to my request on the buy/sell area. [email protected]
good luck!