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ProCar 2002 NSX-R hood on eBay

Item is priced too cheap to be a serious sale. Only four feedbacks: Feedback score: 4-Positive Feedback: 0%. Spelling indicates Lithuanian gangsta. Doesn't even state/show if the top is CF.
"Hood: ProCar: NSX-R Style: Carbon Fiber: [2002+] v2.2 weighs just 4.0 kg. Made in Germany Retail price is $ 4,200.00 I sacrifed for only $ 1,350.00 "

Exactly what Major Stoner said.. notice the typo. Looks like a Lithuanian con man typed it. He's been trying to rip people off with a number of products for the nsx.
The seller's location is listed as Norwalk, CA. It's possible that he just has poor spelling/grammar. I'd ask a local Primer to check it out first.
might be a scam, but paypal protects you pretty well, no?
just pay with a cred card thru pay pal.... terminate payment if it goes sour