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Procar Specials NSX

BTW, another part will be produced again next few weeks.
Procar cf triangle brace as super lightweight version. (600g)
Eyecatcher for each engine bay.

We will produce 10 units, because there is some request after our last production some years before.

If you are interested, please send us a PM for more infos and prices.

Procar parts installed at a customer car.jpg

Procar rear triangle brace 3.jpg

Procar cf tb 1.JPG

Procar cf tb 5.JPG
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It is well known that a new brake disc has a tolerance of up to 3 / 100mm ex works.

Thermal loads or incorrect retraction can quickly reach or exceed the 1 / 10mm mark.

We now have a self-sufficient mechanical investigation method at the start, in which we measure or differentiate the entire system (brake disc and pot) externally
and after the component lie within a tolerance range of 1/100 lateral runout.

We are currently doing that. also for Audi TTRS, R8 and some Ferrari models.

My 10-year-old AP discs are also getting a possible treatment, the new pads are also being used in the outer radius for the new CNC program.

So you don't need to buy new discs for the Procar BBK Kit if they are still at least 27.8mm thickness (mine were still exactly 28mm of 28mm)
instead this can change.
All in all, that's better than new.

Quality work MADE IN GERMANY (not China :smile:)

AP Feinschliff 1-100mm.jpg
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Todays work....
We got an OEM centerconsole, shipped from a good customer from Seattle as core part.

This used part will get the carbonfiber transformation next few weeks, our custumer will get the part at the left side. (incl. ash tray cover)
Think he will be very happy.

Procar OEM cc cf+OEM1 kl.jpg

Procar OEM cc cf+OEM2kl.jpg

Procar OEM cc cf+OEM3kl.jpg

Procar OEM cc cf+OEM4.jpg

Procar OEM cc cf+OEM5.jpg

Procar OEM cc cf+OEM6kl.jpg

Procar OEM cc cf+OEM7kl.jpg

Procar OEM cc cf+OEM8kl.jpg
Small finger exercise every now and then .....

One of my customers has been asking me for the last two years to finally build the two engine injection wire covers (the two plastic parts next to the central magnesium intake cover) out of carbon fiber.

Now I've finally got the time to produce a few of these parts.

It turned out quite well, I love it, I think I'll install both parts at my NSX too.

Another engine bay highlight.

Procar cf harness cover 1.jpg

Procar cf harness cover 2.jpg

Procar cf harness cover 4.jpg

Procar cf harness cover 6.jpg

Procar cf harness cover 8.jpg
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Just found this thread...Awesome stuff!!!! Wanted to see if you will have the NSX-R carpet badges anytime soon and if you have the '02 NSX-R gauge faces.

Thanks for your time!!!
Today we finished work on that nice cf part for a customer in Seattle and its ready for shipment now.
The Procar cf RWG (rear window garnish)

Through the years we produced lot of these units, even if the production is very time consuming and difficult.
Hope you like it.
Price: 1100 Euro + shipment
(production time is ~ 4 weeks)

All inquiries or orders please send to my adress:
[email protected]
Bleibt stabil!

20210403_155616 kl.jpg

20210403_155335 kl.jpg

20210403_155419 kl.jpg

20210403_155453 kl.jpg

20210403_155428 kl.jpg

20210403_155330 kl.jpg

20210403_155459 kl.jpg
Got my console installed... this carbon is amazing... I have a few other pieces coming/awaiting to be installed. This is getting addicting for sure.

The 1th set of the new Procar Specials NSX-R floormats are produced.
We plan a limited Edition, the is the LHD standard version.

Velour black, Nubuk surround and red steam

Later in year we will introduce another version, with the NSX-R logo plate

Made in Germany, no China scrap





this are actual pictures from yesterday, 3 more parts are ready for shipment to customers in USA

cf centerconsole (OEM style)
cf fuse box cover
cf alternator belt cover

Next parts from the actual production will be
NSX-R cf spoiler (ultralight)
NSX-R cf diffusor (02+)