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Production 2022 Nissan Z Spotted

I like how it harkens back a little to the original 240Z, can't wait to see one in person.
I hope that is a preproduction model and they will clean up the front origami
Well that’s a disappointment. That front end is a complete fail! I like the back reminds me of the old 300zx. Not feeling That GTR roofline on everything but it fits the new I want to be a Supra look. But it’s got a face even a mother couldn’t love.

Twin Turbo 3.0 will leave a lot on the table with approximately 400hp it’s still getting the Infiniti motor I believe.
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See I think the New Corvette looks better then the New NSX I can’t wait to see what they do with the ZR version.

Supra I think looks like a hatch back Miata.
I always liked the way my 350z drove it was a lot of fun. I think the Nizmo 350Z looks better then all the recent renditions of the car. Good call for them to offer a manual. I wouldn’t buy a “fun car” that’s not a manual.
I agree the front end needs some tweaks. The profile looks OK. I had a 2007 Nismo 350Z that I sold when I bought the NSX.
Needs aftermarket (better) front bumper which I think will come soon. Otherwise looks great and yes - manual.
Some are just taking off the front grille lol.