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Proper cleaning of side vents

21 June 2023
Hi, I’m new to this forum and recently picked up a 2019 NSX. What is the best way to clean the side vents / radiators. I noticed that bugs and debris can get stuck at the bottom of the radiator and trying to determine best way to clean. Can you use high pressure water? Thanks.
This is the General Discussion forum, so technically I guess you are still on topic; but, you may get more responses if you post the question in the maintenance sub forum in the 2nd generation forum section. I can move the post if you like, you can repost and delete here or just leave it and see if any fish bite.
Turns out I don't appear to have the moderator tools to switch forums (or I can no longer find the tool). @Honcho can you move this to the 2nd gen maintenance forum?
You should be able to do so..hmmmm I will check.

In the meantime, I'll move it.
I asked this to my NSX mechanic early on and he just looked at me as to say… good luck.

If it’s really dirty I’d suggest air pressure if stuff in there is dried out. Water might not do it.

And welcome and congrats on your NSX! Any pics?
I saw a video of someone using compressed air blowing through the empty wheel well (no tire, no inner fender) and got quite a bit of dust out. If you have larger particles on the forward fins you may have to use something like a gerry rigged straw attached to a vacuum to get the dirt through the outside grill.
Yes - I tried to Gerry rig a small tube - but finding one that fits thru the small grill holes and with enough pressure was impossible to find. It’s not a lot of debris but it is dried up. I’m just OCD when it comes to keeping the NSX clean. I’m going to use a long stick and water pressure to loosen and remove. Thx.
I am going to go out on a limb by asking/suggesting why not remove the cooling coil and clean out of the car. I believe there is a video from SOS that sells the units that are from the Acura GT car. Probably less work in the end and better results.