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Proud new owner! Brooklands Green Bell Bi-Turbo (Switzerland)

18 January 2022
Basel, Switzerland

I like to introduce myself to this forum. I'm from Basel, Switzerland and I am 34 Years old.

Few weeks ago I bought a Brooklands Green Pearl/tan leather NSX.

Swiss car, no Import
2. owner
100% Original paint/accident freemint condition
Paddleshift automatic

Bell Bi-Turbo kit / 400 HP at 0.4bar
KW Variante 3 Coilovers
OZ wheels

Looking forward to enhance my knowledge about the Bell kit and a planned manual swap.

(I already sourced all the needed parts for the manual swap, except a manual transmission. I am looking for a 6 speed, maybe somebody can help me out?)

All the best and greetings from the alps

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welcome.....lucky you found a local car to buy. we have folks here who can help with your auto/manual swap...
Yes, as Docjohn mentioned, we have two AT --> MT projects going on right now. This forum is a really helpful place, so just ask away!

As to your 6-speed question, you have a couple of options:

  1. Wait to see if one comes up used for sale. A few years ago, it used to be about one or two a year. To be perfectly frank, those days are pretty much over. You need to wait for a NA2 to wreck and, since there are so few of them out there, it's a long wait.
  2. Buy a "new" one from Japan. Honda stopped producing the 6-speed as a unit, but a couple shops in Japan (RFY and T3TEC) buy all the parts and assemble it for you. It's about $12,000 before shipping. The cool part is you can have them install NSX-R parts or aftermarket differentials and it's all new.
Congratulations and welcome to the community!!!

In Europe, there are several great NSX "resources" to include Christian Mittendorfer at ATR-Racing in Austria, the guys at Procar Specials, A.S. Motorsports in the Netherlands, and then Kaz Ukai in the UK. You will be surprised at how good your parts support and expertise will be to support your NSX despite the relatively small numbers of European Market NSXs that were produced. I can say I order parts from Christian more often that I like to mention, but he has such a great stock of hard to get/discontinued parts...I would just love to be able to not have to have them shipped to the US as that gets expensive...

I got my NSX when I was 33, so I know how great of a car it is for a young man in their early/mid-30s. And the best part is it is even a better car for a older man in his mid 50's like I am now. Make the summer of 2022 a glorious summer of NSX driving through the spectacular Swiss Alps!!!!