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PUREVIL - question for u - and a tale of my mishap this week :mad:

24 July 2000
PUREVIL, what size tires and wheels are you runing on the front of your NSX?

Just curious... b/c i just had to replace my left front rim and tire this week because of those dammed road tits! u know the dome reflectors that do no more good than break rims and blow low pro tires?

I ended up putting new tires on all around on my momo arrows - 215/40/17 on the 17x8 and 265/35/18 on the 18x9.5 rims.

I was looking at the front tires when i noticed the tire tread doesnt fully cover the width of the rim itself.. how wide can u go in the front without scrubbing? i would imagine u wouldnt be able to go wider than 235/40/17...
235/40-17 up front will rub a bit at full lock.

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So u think i should have went w/ the 225's rather than the 215's? I think the main reason my rim was cracked from a dome reflector was b/c that there wasnt much rubber between it and the rim and i hit it right on the edge of the tire...so it slipped off the side of the 215 tire easily and took the edge of the rim w/ it...causing the crack and a huge gash in the sidewall of the tire... live and learn !
I run Bridgestone SO-2's in a very low profile...they have rim protectors on the sidewalls that helps protect against road damage such as you mentioned. Sorry about your misfortune...damn tires cost enough without losing them to mishaps like that!
Hey Electro,

I think you can run 225 no problem. If your offset is correct for the front you shouldn't rub at all. I have a 8 inch wide wheels with 215s and the rim is a bit wider than tire so it stretches the tire a bit. I'm going to go with a 225 later. I have my car dropped 1.5 inches and it doesn't rub at all. Under full out cornering load lock to lock no rubbing, and I left my liners fully intact too. Offset plays a big part. I can drop my car a little more with out rubbing.

I hope that helps you out.
I had Bridgestone SO2' Pole Position 235/40/17 and never had any rub problems on a full lock turn with 17X8 Techno's. These tires also have rim protectors. My car was also lowered 1.5" with H&R Springs.