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question about lowering with 19's

2 July 2000
Raleigh, NC
Hey guys, I was wondering if anyone had any experience with lowering their car when running 19's. I have the Blitz Technospeed 19x10 rear and 18x9 front with 275 30's and 235 35's in front. I was thinking of an inch drop (Eibach I believe it was). Just looking for some real life info from anyone that has done this with the 19,18 setup. I am mainly wondering about clearance issues. Thanks for the help.

I don't think 18X9s will fit up front on a NSX. I could be wrong but I thought the widest you can run is 8 or 8.5????

Unless you have a wide body kit????

I'm going to watch this post to hear what others think.

I have a friend with a '91 who put 18x8 and 19x10 HRE 546's on his car a few months ago. He's running H&R springs on his car. He has had alot of headaches with clearance issues including a tweaked fender lip after his front left tire grabbed the wheel well while bottoming out in a low speed turn. He'll probably go to the Eibach springs...not quite so low, to help the clearance. The car looks awesome...but the Eibach's would probably be more reasonable. Best of luck!
My Buddy with his black 91 NSX, has his lowered with H&R's with 19" chrome BBS rims...He has a crazy tire wear problem...

He is trying to regulate the problem, but on a mid engine, rear drive car, its not unheard of inner tire wear. Plus 19" tires aren't cheap.

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As Tampabaynsx-r mentioned, I have 18 and 19 inch HRE 546's. I had to modify my wheel wells and inner fender lip to avoid hitting the tire entering a gas station etc.. I'm ok now but I would probably go next time with Eibachs, instead of H&R's. Another problem is, the HRE's were built to clear big brakes, and are built to the edge of the fender (perfectly flush). If you have OEM brakes, then your 18" wheel will probably be fine with H&R's, because the wheel will be slightly inside of the wheel well and not at the edge.
Thanks for all the help guys. I am still trying to decide which spring to go with. Has anyone heard about the Neuspeed spring? It is considerably cheaper, but also an 1.5 drop. I did some rough measuring and it looks like I have a about 2.25 inches of clearance all the way around so I am leaning towards the Eibachs which are 1.2 to be safe rather than sorry. If anyone has any other opinions they would be greatly appreciated.

The Eibachs took my car down exactly 1". At this time I have stock 15/16 wheels. How did you measure the clearance? Be careful to check you have clearance when the suspension is in FULL rebound (spring fully compressed, which is alot more "rise" then when the car is standing still, ala gas station entry, etc.) If not you will be doing fender repairs as other have had to.