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r compound tires

11 January 2001
I am considering buying another set of wheels, likely Advan Model 7's, for the street and turning my current TE-37's into track wheels. Any recommendations on r compound tires?

Also, as another option I may consider selling the TE-37's. They are bronze, 17x7.5 and 18x9, flawless. Pictures can be seen in the picture gallery ( http://www.nsxprime.com/ubb/Forum6/HTML/000080.html ), private me if interested.

'98 NSX-T Blk/Blk
o Comptech headers / exhaust / airbox
o Koni adjustable suspension w/Comptech springs and sway bars
o Volk TE-37 17/18” wheels

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Just like with street tires, there are trade-offs in track tires among treadwear, dry performance, wet performance, price, etc.

Among track tires, the Yokohama A032R is the most streetlike - lasts a lot longer (long enough to consider driving to and from the track on them), can be driven in the rain, etc.

The Hoosier (RSxxx) is the most tracklike - best dry performance, but with rapid wear (1-2 track events per set).

The Kumho Victoracer is in between these two in performance and in treadwear (2-4 track events per set).
I used to have 032R tire on my Prelude. They're great performance tire no doubt, however, the tire noise is a bit too loud for everyday driving. I think the biggest size they come is 17" and I don't recall they make tires for 18" wheels.
I think only hoosier and Pirelli P-zero C are available in 18s nowadays. And those are very expensive tires. Also they are not suitable for street driving at all. So I would recommend you sell the TE-37s and get a set of 17/17s, then your tire selection would be much wider.
I have A032Rs for street/track use, and I love them.

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