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Range Rover as a tow vehicle

23 July 2003
Just curious if anyone has (or knows anyone) that has used a Range Rover 4.0 (not the 4.6L) as a tow vehicle with an open steel (not aluminum) trailer?

I know the tow capacity is sufficient, but I am more curious to know what additional modifications (ie suspension) would be recommended...if any.

Currently, I am in the process of selling my father's 97 Range rover, which is listed on the NSX prime general classified, and someone inquired with regard to it's pulling capabilities.

Additionally, I have a 2001 range rover and am thinking of trailering my NSX soon.

John Bulbulia
On this side of the pond Range Rovers are used as tow vehicles for all kind of trailers: With big boats, with 2 horses, with cars - I see no problem as long as you use an anti-oscillation clutch between car and trailer and you have some kind of level balance for the rear axle of the car to maintain ride height with the additional load.

As some of you may know I have all this on my Diesel Ford Mondeo (should be a far worse towing machine than the Range Rover) and this towed an aluminium trailer with the NSX (overall weight about 1,700 kilogramms) for many thousand miles without any issue.