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raxles.com - potential new vendor...

26 July 2005
Fort Myers, Florida
I posted a while back about www.raxles.com as a potential source for re-built CV's and axles.

I was extremely happy with their customer service - I had purchased a set from them for my Legend after reading about a number of satisfied customers. The axles came looking like new, were tested and hand signed off, came with red-line CV grease, lifetime warranty, prepaid shipping with a map to the closest UPS receiver, rubber gloves, disposable shop rag, even a brand new mini-swiss army knife....All for a very competitive price. They are a major supplier for a number of automotive service departments and have an excellent track record - check their website out for more information.

After a number of Prime members contacted them, it turned out that they did not carry axles for NSX's. After noticing a couple of new threads looking for help, I contacted Marty to see if they may be interested in servicing our car needs. The problem he has is that they have no cores to start building up an inventory. So, if you have any old axles that you would like to get rid of....they will gladly pay the postage to have them shipped to them. Once they get a couple sets in, they will rebuild with new components, and the axles will then be available for purchase. If you are interested in helping them get this started...contact Marty at www.raxles.com
Thanks m3456y for the info. As soon as I can come up with some cores i'll get them sent off.
Hopefully some of the Prime members who have repair shops that have some old shafts laying around can send them in as well to help get the ball rolling.
The price will probibly be alot less than OEM and with that kind of gurantee you almost can't go wrong.

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