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****STICKY**** Vendor RULES - Read these first!

27 July 2007
Denver, CO
NSX Prime recognizes two types of Vendors

(1) Cottage Vendors – Vendors who are operating as a “hobbyist”. These folks usually:
  • Only sell their own products or services;
  • Provide products/service “on the side” primarily for the benefit of the NSX community;
  • Have no additional staff;
  • Operate out of their home;
  • Offer very limited / focused products or service (e.g. custom interior trim pieces or re-manufacturing a specific part); and
  • Sell exclusively NSX products or service.
(2) Full Vendors – Vendors who are operating primarily as a commercial enterprise under the following conditions:
  • Resell products or services from others;
  • One or more people working full time;
  • Dedicated business location;
  • Many different types of parts or services (e.g. wheels to superchargers to body kits); and
  • May sell non-NSX products or services.
Annual subscription

In order to list their products/services for sale on the site, all NSX Prime Vendors must pay an annual subscription fee (set forth below) to help offset site operating costs. If an auto-renewal is not selected, the subscription will expire one (1) calendar year after activation. In the event a Vendor subscription is not renewed, the Vendor’s product threads will be closed and/or removed from the site. Vendors will have a fourteen (14) calendar day grace period to renew their subscription. NSX Prime will work with Vendors in good faith, including, among other things, sending reminders and, if applicable, applying additional grace periods in NSX Prime’s sole discretion.
  • Cottage Vendors: $100 (Equivalent to “Patron” subscription level)
  • Full Vendors: $500 (Equivalent to “Hero” subscription level)
Vendor Forum Threads

Vendors are permitted to create a new thread in the Vendor classified forum in order to introduce a new product or service. Due to the small number of products they sell, Cottage Vendors may utilize this thread for all purposes, including “bumping” (as defined in Section 4.5 above) once every 30 calendar days. For Full Vendors, after the introductory product post, such threads may only be updated for the purpose of (1) asking or answering a specific question about the product/service; (2) Member reviews of the product/service; or (3) announce updates/improvements to the product (version 2, etc.). Vendors should NOT update the individual product thread for the purpose of “bumping,” as this behavior unfairly crowds out other Vendors from the visible forum space.

Vendors should have a single “Vendor Thread” for the purpose of advertising their business on the site. The thread may contain descriptions of all of their products/services, links to the product introductory thread, and/or links to their website page(s) to any level of detail in the Vendor’s discretion. Vendors may use this thread to add new products (after the introductory post described in Section 3.a above), announce sales, group buys, etc. Vendors ARE permitted to “bump” this thread every 30 calendar days for forum exposure.

While they may freely post and participate in the site forums as Members for general discussion purposes, Vendors are also permitted to post solicitation/interest threads in the non-commercial forums for prospective new products or services. These threads may be updated as product development continues. Once a Vendor begins selling the new product or service, moderators will move the thread to the Vendor section as an individual product thread (unless the Vendor desires to create a new product thread), where it will be subject to the rules set forth above.

Vendor Rules

NSX Prime is a highly focused forum exclusively about the Honda/Acura NSX, so everything advertised here must be NSX-related. For example, wheels here must be appropriate NSX fitment.

Commercial posts are restricted to the Vendor forum. Exceptions must be individually approved by the site administrator.

Vendor forum signatures must be enabled and the first line is reserved for a link to the Vendor’s NSX Prime vendor page once the application is approved. Please do not change the format of the link or add other content to the first line of the signature.

All group buys must use the mandatory group buy template.