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real world comparison

6 March 2000
There's been a lot of post that I've read here that talk a lot about comparing the NSX to other cars in speed and handling. Although I've only had mine for a few short months now I figure I'd get my 2 cents in on the subject.
I've been used to some REALLY fast cars and when I purchased the NSX I was rather disappointed with is speed, it felt SLOW to put it mildly. But being used to turbo charged cars I'm begining to think that I'm being misled becouse the car is so smooth in it's power delivery that it goes faster than it feels. Case in point, I'm undefeated in real world stop light grand prix races. You'll all be happy to know that the following cars have fallen to me so far:
Ford Lightning (keeps up well off the line, by 3rd gear he's trailing big time, never the less impressive for a truck), Supra Turbo (newer one with at least exhaust done to it, was a race on the freeway and he was playing catch up the entire time), Mustang LX notchback (fairly modified, he was neck and neck with me until 3rd gear at which time he missed shifted and I was gone, those mustang guys are especially fun to beat!). And to top it all off I had a good freeway run last night with a modified RX7, although I can't know what he had done, from the sound of things and the size of the flame coming out of his tailpipe in between shifts, well I'd say he must have a few nick nacks at least. I was just driving down the freeway when he pulls up beside me slowly and then guns it, of course the courteous man I am I follow in pursuit and catch him in a high speed bend. As there was a lot of traffic it we had to slow down a lot and when the traffic cleared it was on again.
And let me tell you I pulled on him each and every time, he came up after gave me a thumbs up and it was over. I really never thought I could have beaten some of the cars I have and there may be unforseen circumstances that account for that, but the fact remains no losses yet.
So although the NSX is no rocket, it is faster than people (or at least I) give it credit for.
In case anybody wants to know, mine is totally stock for now with the exception of steel lines/track pads from Dali, Radius R4 17"/18" wheels with S-02pp tires and I've done some weight reduction (spare tire and rack, engine cover, floor mats, stock cd changer and wiring, stock cell phone and all wiring).
Full suspension and engine mods are on the way, can't wait too, gotta beat my buddy's GTS Viper.
You didn't say what year your car was?

I have found that while the 290hp is no where near the 340hp of the BMW M3 or even the 400hp of many V-12s, I have been able to dispatch them easily with my 2000 NSX. The NSX is much more than the sum of it's parts and much more capable in the right hands than the numbers would seem to indicate.

While the NSX is not snap your neck 3.9 sec 0-60 times like some 400hp turbos, the car has the smoothness, the balance and the flexinbility to run circles around other cars in "real world" racing conditions.

If I wanted to do nothing but drag race, I thing I would have bought something else, but I don't live my life 1,320 feet at a time, so the NSX is the choice for me. In the right hands, the car can turn 2 second faster lap times at most tracks like Laguna Seca over formidable opponents like the 400hp Ferrari 355. The reason is finesse. The car is so well mannered and so easy to drive fast and hard that all others get to step to the rear.

While the NSX lacks the snap your neck speed for drag racing, I have easily taken other "to school" on the back roads where they have almost put their cars over the embankment trying to keep up with me. In the real world of track racing, there are few cars with the pedigree that the NSX has. Even your friends Viper would have trouble keeping up on almost any track but Daytona where the high banked oval parts would allow him to eat your lunch and send you packing. If 5th and 6th gears were more useful, maybe it would be a challenge from 130mph to 170mph, but the Viper is king up that high.

Gordon G. Miller, III
Y2K NSX #51 Yellow/Black
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G-Man, I think you mean the M3 with 240 hp, not 340 hp. Unless you and BMW know something that I don't. But I too have easily dispatched M3's in my pre-modified '91. I am now producing 271 hp at the rear wheels (15% -20% drivetrain loss, I don't know, you do the math) with the requisite header, exhaust, chip, and modified air box. I look forward to the opportunity of meeting more M3's actually. And to speak to one of your other threads, yeah, the sound is cool.
hey hey,

Just about the M3. The pre-00 M3's north american spec have 240bhp. The European version has 324Bhp. They may have imported one in, but I doubt it. The new M3 is supposed to have the same amount of horses.

I should have been more clear. But I knew my friends ChopsJazz and EndLeSS would give me a chance to clarify.

I already have my money down on the 2001 BMW M Convertible that is coming out this fall and should reach US shores by early Spring 2001. The car is reported to sport a ground up redesigned body unit that is about 12%-15% stonger than the BMW M Coupe and is fitted with thier 3.2 or 3.3 litre M nightmare of an engine that will pump out at least 330hp if not 340hp in US trim. The car will start at about $50K for the convertible version and options will likely top $58K.

As far and BMW and I knowing something the rest of the world doesn't, well, let's just say that BMW keeps me "well informed" since I have purchased 8 cars in the last 5 years and most of them have been BMWs.

Gordon G. Miller, III
Y2K NSX #51 Yellow/Black
[email protected] http://www.g3.com
I raced with my friend's 99 M3 and we are about the same fast
I feel surprised about it...expecting my nsx would kick his ass bad
Originally posted by NSEX:
I raced with my friend's 99 M3 and we are about the same fast
I feel surprised about it...expecting my nsx would kick his ass bad

Seeing as you are from Canada, you should be aware that we received quite a few European spec M3's so it's possible that your friends car had more than 240hp plus most M3's up here that I've seen are also modified. I'm not sure why we in Canada received the European spec cars but I know for sure we did.
yeah I think we got 40 European M3s in 1994
but I'm sure my friend's M3 is the 240hp M3 without any mods. btw, M3 does has lots of torque to keep pace with NSX from 0-100km
however, when the speed goes higher the M3 just disappeared in my mirror
Originally posted by NSEX:
how does your NSX look like?
I think I've seen most nsx on the road in vancouver wondering which one is yours?

It's a 1991 black 5spd. As I've only had it for a short while there's not many mods yet, but you will notice it with the 17/18 combo Radius R4 rims. Exhaust is going on this month and so is the Gruppe M intake, and when my Tein suspension is in it will be a bit lower too. By the way which one is yours???
mine is 5 speed silver one 91 nsx
i've 17/18 racing hart type C rims
M's sideskirt (WingWest front lip's coming next week) HKS exhaust, comptech header, 2 sparco racing seats..etc
*remember to say to me when you see me
where do you live in vancouver?


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heah nsex...nice choice of rims..i had the same ones...racing hart 17/18" ...mine was red....91 stick..have u seen the sivler 92' that is on sale once in a while in the autotrader...cant remember the rims but they are 17/18..full bodykit..titantium exhaust..ect...nice looing car ive seen on quite a few occasions..but he is aksing high 50's..i thinkg 58k..and it is orginally form ontario with about 60k..very sharp...i think my next nsx will def be sivler..looks very exotic!!!! ps im from richomond also..se ya
oh yeah..the 92 nice looking NSX you talk about belongs to Gruppe M

what a cool nsx!!!


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