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Rear Tail Lense Conversion

29 February 2000
St. Petersburg
I want to replace the "Acura" center section of my tail light assembly with the Japanese version "H". Any suggestions or info are GREATLY appreciated!!!
I did the taillight conversion, it's a fairly simple process except one complication, prying open the tail lense. The glue Acura used was SO thick it'll take a very very long time to remove, other than that, the rest should be simple.

I can give you a quick instruction and if you have any questions, feel free to ask.

1. Remove the carpeting on the back side of the taillight (there should be 4 screws and 4 grommets)

2. Remove 4 8mm nuts behind the center tail piece, one of the nuts should be covered with a piece of white widget to keep the wiring in place

3. Now simply remove the taillight and take out the 3 screws on the top of the lense.

4. Pry open the lense! It'll take a REALLY long time, I spent almost 2 hours fighting with the Acura ultra thick glue formula. It might be easier if you can find a solvent for the glue or simple place the whole tail piece in hot water to soften the glue as well as the plastic.

5. Remove the yellow lense inside and you'll see Acura, simply peel off and place your own logo.