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Rear Trunk clip identified

17 November 2002
Santa Barbara, CA, USA
There are 8 clips that hold the carpet against the rear portion of the trunk (engine side) I found a couple were loose or fall off. After a bit research I have come to understand that they are good for 2 or 3 removals and then need to be replaced. If you just pop them off you will make them unusable. They need to be screwed off with a flat edge screwdriver and then removed. The part number is Acura 90668-T6N-A01 They cost from retail of $2.84 each to around $2.00 discounted.
They are good for longer than that if you treat them properly. I've removed mine four times already and they still hold perfectly. The trick is to unscrew them rather than to yank them out. Chances are, whoever worked on your car just yanked them out.