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Receiver Dryer questons

11 May 2003
Midland, TX
I have a 2000 NSX. The AC compressor ground to a halt and I will be flushing, installing a new compressor, and a new receiver/dryer. However, I'm not sure about removing the dryer. It looks impossible to remove the two bracket screws without removing the upper front bumper cover. Is this correct? Also, my replacement receiver/dryer has no mounting bracket, and the NSX receiver dryer looks like the bracket is welded to the cylinder. Do I need to buy an OEM NSX receiver dryer with a bracket? Thanks for the help.
On a stock 2000, the OEM receiver / dryer is held in place by a band clamp on the bracket with a bolt tensioned screw clamp. The bolt tensioning the clamp can be hard to see because of the plastic shroud that directs air into the radiator. Get a flashlight, pry back the edge of the shroud a bit and take a real close look in there. If you see that the clamp is actually tack welded to the receiver with no tensioning bolt, then you might have a non OEM receiver / dryer; however all of the aftermarket receiver / dryers that I have seen re use the OEM clamp.

The plastic shroud complicates removal. With the shroud in place, I don't think it is possible to access the tension bolt on the band clamp (you can barely see the bolt with the shroud in place). If you have tiny hands and a 1/4" drive with some extensions you might be able to pry the shroud back to access the two bolts that hold the bracket on to the body. This would allow removal of the dryer. However, I don't think there is a hope in hell of getting those two bolts back in place with the shroud in place. I had a look at my car (2000 stock). I initially thought that you might be able to just remove the shroud to gain access. However the release cable and some other stuff appear to be clipped to the shroud complicating removal. Also, lower down the shroud is deeper so I don't think it can be removed through the top opening between the bumper cover and top rad support. If you unclip the shroud from the rad support you might be able to move the shroud forward enough to give you access to re install the two retaining bolts on dryer bracket - if you have small hands. I would assign a low value for successfully pulling that off. A shade tree mechanic might just take a dremel to the shroud to cut a larger opening for access.

The service manual is silent on R&R of the receiver / dryer. I think I would probably be planning for removal of the bumper. More work; but, probably less frustration and risk of damaging stuff. The up-side to that is that it gives you much better access to the condensers for cleaning and flushing.