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Recommendation of maintenance please.

27 April 2005
Santa Clarita, California, United States
Hello, I am new to the forum :smile: and nice to meet you all.

I will be picking up a 91 NSX (manual) which only has 15000miles in end of May and will be a new and first time owner of NSX! The current owner barely drove this car and right now its sitting in his garage with dead battery. I will be picking this car from Seattle and will be driving down to Southern California.

I like to ask all of you experts for recommended maintenance on this car before taking out for the long drive. Ofcourse I will have to put new battery to get the car started, but I am planning to take directly to the dealer for the service. Please suggest what kind of things I should have it checked/changed. I'm thinking engine and trans oil and timing belt.

Please help!
Thank you!
Best think to do is browse the FAQ.
It's a great resource. Welcome to the addiction.
Congrats! With any car which has sat for a long period of time, be sure to inspect all of the rubber components like belts and hoses--and replace the belts anyway, just to be sure. Also, fresh fluids everywhere would be a good idea.Given the milage on the car, have a 30k service done . Make sure that rodents haven't inhabited the car anywhere also. Best of luck with the new ride!
I agree with Doc308 - replace all belts, hoses, fluids, have the 30K service done and the timing belt/water pump.
This may be obvious, but ask the current owner and the shop where he has it serviced for all of the maintenance records and go from there.

good luck
You might want to ask on the Northwest regional forum for a dealer recommendation in Seattle. As I recall, one dealer was more highly recommended for NSX service than the other(s)...