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red NSX spotted in Dayton OH

19 May 2005
I am new on this forum, I have always enjoyed the pictures on this website but today I was inspired to join the forum. My name is Andrew and I am going to ND next year.

Anyway, today I spotted a red NSX in Huber Heights, Ohio (a suburb of Dayton)
I was wondering if it belongs to anybody on here.
The license plate was "95 NSX T" and it had nice big rims.
It was parked at Subway? I believe ... a little restaurant on Brandt Pike.
I pulled over into the lot in my pimping silver '87 Voyager (not really) and went over to have a look and touch it.

Unfortunately, didn't have a camera on me.
Anybody know whose it is?
I'd like to know, too. He got my first choice for a license plate name. :biggrin:
Excellent toy....let me know if you find where to get it.
And I am very enthusiastic about the NSX.