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Refinishing wheel

22 November 2004
Does anyone have any suggestions on where I might find a company that could reanodize the lips on my blitz type 03 wheels?
I just got some Volks back from Ye Ole Wheel in Maryland. (410) 796-8401.
I purchased them from a Prime member who told me they only had minor curb rash. When I got them, it was obvious that one of them was pretty badly bent and had severe rash. Two others had pretty bad rash and were slightly bent. Anyway when I got them back from repair, I was more than impressed! They did have to polish the lips though, so the machine lines are gone. I like them better this way though. The Volks are 3 piece wheels and they had to take them apart to do the work. The price was pretty fair. I paid About $500 to straighten three wheels and have all four lips polished. I know people ship wheels to them from all over the East Coast. Service was great. You may want to check with them about having your lips reanodized.

Hope this helps,

Nate in DC
i dont think the blitz wheels are anodized. They should look to be polished and coated.
Thanks for the info nbovelle Ill give them a call.

As to the anodizing I called the blitz distributor here in the US and they confirmed that the rims are anodized.

I have checked wheels america before. They do not anodize wheels. It would appear that no one in the US anodizes wheels. At least that is what I am being told.

I may just have to send the wheels off and get them all stripped and repolished so they all match.

If anyone else has any ideas let me know.