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Register to attend the 2018 MidEast NSX Meet - Raleigh, NC May 18-20

17 July 2006
Calabash, NC
If you are planning on attending the 2018 - 5th Annual MidEast NSX Meet in Raleigh, NC on May 18 -20, I'd like to have you register. The purpose of registering is for getting attendance estimates for some of the venues as well as providing information for name badges. There is no cost to attend, and this event is officially an NSXCA Regional Event. The event is open to all present and former NSX owners, as well as NSX wannabe owners and NSX enthusiasts.

Register even if there is a chance that you might not be able to attend. There is no penalty or deadline for cancellation (other than the 48 hour requirement for rooms reserved at the Hilton Garden Inn). See link in the "Room Reservations Post" to reserve a room at the host hotel.

Register by sending an email to me at [email protected] with the following information:
-your first and last name
-your email address
-your guest's first and last name
-your NSX Prime ID
-your city & state
-your NSX year and color
-attending Friday - Saturday - or both

Looking forward o seeing everyone this year. We have a couple of new things planned for the weekend as well as all of the venues that we have enjoyed in past years and attendees have requested that we repeat.

Additionally I am assembling a number of door prizes for the event, some of which are pictured below.

John Komar


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Mnitoring Prime as well.

[MENTION=26983]Alec_fields[/MENTION] ... follow directions! He said email! :biggrin:

Jose, not a problem...I am monitoring Prime as well....and Alec is one of the event orginizers...

John Komar
[MENTION=26983]Alec_fields[/MENTION] ... follow directions! He said email! :biggrin:
HAHA yeah you would think I would follow the directions if anyone should be! I didn't really technically even need to register... I just wanted to jump-start the thread because you [MENTION=9176]JoseJA1979[/MENTION] were slacking! hahaha. -Alec