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Replacement tires-1991 NSX

28 February 2000
Vancouver, Canada
I am very interested in getting feedback on using TOYO Proxes T1-S.
To date, I have always used the stock sizes ie 205/50/15 & 225/50/16. Apparently the T1 is only V-rated for the former and Z-rated for the latter. Can they be used as such? Are there any other combinations that owners of 1991-1993 have used on the stock rims? Thanks!
I have used the Toyo T1-S tires and they are very good. One thing to look at though is that the 205/50/15 is V rated above 130 mph and the 225/50/16 is W rated to 168 mph. The factory tires have a ZR speed rating. I would be be carefull putting different speed rated tires on without checking with the tire manufacturer.