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Reputable alignment shops in the 909?

15 March 2004
So Cal
I've done a search and saw quite a few recommended places in the 714 (OC) and 626 areas.... not really too far for me but if there was a local place (I'm in the Claremont/Upland area) near by that somebody has gone to and can recomend, that'd be great. I know of two other guys around here who have asked me if I knew of a local place as well for their NSX. If nobody has any recomendations of a place in the 909 area (I might try a place out and can give a review on them afterwards), then I might just drive out into LA or OC to get my alignment done, but would like something close to home since I'm usually busy most of the week during most shops' business hours.
alignment in 909

Did you ever find a place to get your car aligned in the 909 area?
While I was getting my car smogged in Upland the other day on Central Ave., I walked over to the Discount Tire shop next door just to ask them about doing an alignment. Two guys behind the counter..... one asked "what is a N X S?" while the other guy corrected him and said that they've (he at least) done an alignment on the NSX. While talking to him about caster & toe alignment and possible minor camber ajustments on the car, he seemed pretty knowledgeable (we work on NSXs at our shop so I was kind of quizzing him to test his knowledge & experience) but he seems to know what's up. He said they normally charge a car like that $109 but said he'd charge me "$75" for whatever reason. I'm probably going to go by there this Sat morning since I just put new shocks & springs on, unless somebody else has a place they can recommend.
A friend of mine just gave me a place in city of industry called Bear Alignment and he said they do all kinds of exotics. If your interested I'll get the number. he said they charge $100.

Thanks for the info, but I just talked with one of my friends who recently picked up a NSX and he works at an Acura dealership.... told me to stop by one night and he'll take care of it for me :)
Is that the riverside acura dealership by any chance?


Call Darren at West End Alignment in Torrance. 310-808-9233. He's the best and aligns the old school way-no BS computers. I'll be in there Monday 6-13.
Good luck!