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Resonated Tips?

25 October 2001
Northern California
Curious, does anyone make stainless steel resonated tips that can be welded to the OEM NSX eaxhaust in either:

Dual exhuast straight tips about 2.5" wide each, and about 6-7" long, or

Oval tip - like RMs but slightly larger about 4.5" to 5.0" and about 6" long ....

While I have been searching for an exhaust for some time now, and the TUBI seems promising, Taitec is priced right, Comptech has a proven record but pricey, I think my dilemma in part has been finding not only an exhaust with deeper throttle sound response upon WOTA, but also whose tips are appealing or unique ..... I like the old Comptech's "longer" resonated tips, they filled the space and gave it an aggressive look - the newer angled look is nicer but it needs to be installed a little further back on the pipe and extended by 1.0"-1.5" more from the valance drop. RM's oval just fits nicely with the overall oval shape of the rear wing and fenders, kind of a more subdued look .....