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Respray clear coat only?

19 April 2005
San Jose, CA
I have a friend who works at a paint shop....he examined my car and says with a good sanding to remove pits and scratches on the front end....his shop can spray the entire car with a coat of clear and have it looking new again.

Thoughts on this? I was going to get it professionally polished but looking at all the teeny rock pits (not scratches or chips) just teeny pinholes in the clear (dont know if it goes all the way to the paint) I was thinking I would probably need a respray.

cant really tell from this picture but the front end is definitely in need of something.


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All NSX's came with a clear coat.
By the time the chips are feathered edged out you will need to base the car.
Just a clear coat is not be a good idea and the result will not be good.