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RIP Don "donk"

17 February 2013
St. Louis, MO
A couple weeks ago I received a phone call from Don's son that he had passed away on December 4th, 2022. I've known Don since 2013 and my heart literally broke that day... losing such a dear friend. I am gutted that I didn't know of his passing and wasn't able to attend his funeral. He was such a good man with a kind soul... who lived a good and happy life. When my Dad passed away in 2017... he came to the funeral and that meant a lot to me. He would also bring flowers to my Dad's grave every time he was in the neighborhood.

I've know a lot of car enthusiast, and Don stands out amongst them. He would always email articles every single week about NSX's or all sorts of other cars. In a sea of exotic cars, he was always so very proud of his "96 red NSX who he named "Dragon Lady". Even at 80+yo... he would not back down to anyone who would want to have a go. He would buy the hotwheels NSX's and bring them to events and give them out to kids and allow them to sit in his car. I will truly miss him and never forget what his friendship meant to me.

Thank you Neal "alum04org" for suggesting I post this news outside of the St. Louis ownership forum. Don loved this site and I am sure quite a few of you have met him on Prime in one of the forums.

Thanks for reading and hope you all take care and stay safe.

Thank you Omega for sharing that wonderful tribute to Don with the group.

He really kept that diecast NSX thread alive with all of his "finds" along with the St. L Area Ownership thread and will certainly be missed. It was evident he was always having lots of fun and cared a lot about the community! Prayers for his family.
RIP. Will miss his posts here :(
Tyler - such a nice tribute. Thank you. DonK was a true Acura NSX Brand Ambassador. Your mention of him purchasing hotwheels NSX's for the kids at car shows............... just WOW!

In DonK's honor I am now listening to Emerson Lake and Palmer's 1973 release Brain Salad Surgery. Side two. "Come and see the Show."

Rock on, DonK. ⌛
Sorry to hear of his passing. I just noticed the thread on the diecast, I'll do my best to keep the discussion going in his honor. I'm avid collector myself and love seeing other peoples collections. RIP.