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RIP Jim Grob

9 September 2005
Central FL
Jim Grob passed away this morning.

Jim was never a member here on Prime to my knowledge, but he was an enthusiastic NSX owner for nearly 20 years. Jim had a silver '91 that he enjoyed at track days.

He was involved in Equipe Rapide in South Florida, a group that conducts autocrosses in the area. I don't know that much about Jim, but I do know that he was a participant in the 12 Hours of Sebring back in the early '70s, class winner 1973 and class winner Daytona 3-Hour the same year in the IMSA GT championship season.

I do recall as I was just starting to get involved in doing HPDE, Jim took me for a ride in his NSX at the old Moroso road course in West Palm Beach.

I remember it being an eye-opening experience, since at the time I had done only autocross and hadn't yet started doing track days myself. I have a fond memory of that, as well as other memories at ER autocrosses watching Jim hold the group together and leading ER during some times when autocross waned a bit (at least here in So. Fla.) due to difficulty in finding suitable venues. At ER meetings Jim also held the group together, and eventually, he and his other dedicated devotees ended up expanding ER again, even into HPDE track days.

Jim answered many of my tedious questions while I was deciding to buy my NSX, and after I bought it, and was always ready to take my calls and help.

RIP Jim.
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I can say that he is in a better place.

driving an NSX with a foxy babe as passenger.