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Risk Factor for Installing Headers?

17 April 2001
Hello everyone!

I just want peoples opinion on the risk factor of installing headers. Ive have seen in some messages here in the forum that there are some people with big problems with the NSX after installing an aftermarket header system. Is there really a risk factor in installing these, whether its by a dealer or on your own?(Im sure on your own the risk factor may be much greater). Any typical problems experienced after header installation?
Well, I suppose if you did it yourself you might risk breaking a fingernail or scraping a knuckle.

Sorry, I don't have any real information for you but I've never heard of any risk other than those on any car. If you don't get a quality product there may be fitment problems or leaks at the gasket, and you need to be careful with the O2 sensors. If you are a reasonably handy wrench I can't see why it would be a problem.
If done CORRECTLY there should be no risk. The problems that sjs mentioned are rare, but happen due to installation hiccups. Headers due occasionally fail, like all products. It seems that the DC Sports headers have taken a bad wrap lately.

-- Chris


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It IS possible to have install problems, and they can be difficult to fix, particularly with OBD-II cars.

The older cars are more straightforward -- I've even seen a car with headers on one bank, and the OE exhaust manifold on the other bank (while the header is under repair). The Franken-manifold works OK.

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