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Road noise

9 January 2005
San Francisco
I just got my 05 and notic that the road noise on that car is so lound...and when I break. the break even make more noise..sounds same as when my accord had to change the break pads... is this normal? or just me? or I have to break in the breaks? my car has 600 something miles on it now.. thank you
New NSX's often have a bit of brake noise because of slight surface rust which collects coming across the ocean, plus when sitting dockside. Honda has reduced this somewhat by the introduction several years ago of installing plastic "hub caps" over the wheels to protect from splash. Some moisture still gets thru however.All brakes, and clutches have a break in period which is quite simply do not overheat them or panic brake (if you can help it) for about 800 miles. Conversely, long, light braking is not good either for glazing, noises. Brake normally, don't baby them, don't abuse them.

As to road noise, you'll just have to check all the rubber seals at window and roof joints and make sure you're all closed up. Try closing the windows with the doors open, then closing doors and go driving. If it's quieter then you may have a window out of adjustment.

Congrats and have fun,

It's normal for the doors to require a significant effort to close, because there is such a tight air seal and such small tolerances. Very solid.