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Road Trip through Maine and New Hampshire.

13 October 2009
Fredericton NB
Hey Guys,

Last year a group of friends left our home province of New Brunswick and headed to the states for good weekend retriet. We crossed the Border and headed down to Bangor and stopping in North Conway NH for the night. We hit up Mount Washington the next day. Cruised a bit more along with some partying (nothing much in North Conway)

This year we are doing the same thing and I'll be bringing the NSX along for the trip. The itenerary is a little different this year, we will still be going to NH but this time we are staying in Hampton Beach.

My question is what is there to do in Hampton Beach? Also would anyone want to meet up with us? Show us around. There will be about 6-8 cars coming down. We are looking forward to having a good time.
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Depending on when you are planning on going, Hampton Beach is mostly a summer community, where after Labor Day things slow down and many places close, although on some nice weekends it can still get very busy. But there are still several that stay open, and if you like fishing, boating (and fresh seafood), you can find these well into the fall. There is also The Casino Ballroom, which features some decent bands and comedians.

15-20 min up RT 1A, which is a beautiful scenic ride to Portsmouth, which is a very historic small city with a lot more to do. Something like 90 pubs and restaurants, more interesting boat tours, and frequent events down town.

And another 20 min or so north is Kittery, Maine with all the outlet stores, if so interested.

Let us know when you are planning to be there, and we will try to meet up.
We will be leaving on Friday Sept 14. Discussion is changing just because the guys I am going with are younger and want to party and seeing how Hampton beach "may be" dead.

They through out that maybe stay in Portland night one and head to Montreal night to to party hardy. Ill keep yas updated on whats going on.

I def want to meet NSX owners.
I could potentially be coerced to meet some where for a bit. I think I will get my car back next week. When you figure out your travel plans post them. I will check the calendar in the meanwhile.
Here are the confirmed plans. Leaving Fredericton NB Friday morning, driving to Portland For the night. Get up Saturday morning and heading to Boston for night 2. Then the long haul back Sunday to New Brunswick.
Change of plans lol. Instead of Portland for the night we are still going to Hampton beach friday and Boston Saturday.
Dont forget Cars and Copters Sunday.

We drove over 950 miles in less then 60 hours. It was a great trip. I also say a black na1 NSX on the other side of the highway near Portsmouth Me. That's made my trip lol