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New Owner - Unique Story`

27 January 2023
Hey all! Had a few questions I'll be posting in their respective topics and just wanted to introduce myself ahead of time. I'm a relatively new owner (took possession of the car exactly 2 months ago) from the DFW area with a pretty unique origin story.

Back in late 2022, YouTuber Adam LZ was running a sweepstakes where he was giving away a 1992 Honda NSX (you know how they go - every $X spent = 1 entry). I happened to buy a hat and shirt and was selected as the winner in mid December 2022. The car's engine was fully refreshed by Adam's team with a timing service, water pump, all new seals/belts/hoses, along with an SOS Supercharger kit installed. With that said, it's still a highly modified, 30 year old car with a lot of interesting history on it's CarVX report (accident history, high mileage, odometer swapped, exchanged hands lots of times before being exported to the US) so it hasn't all been smooth sailing. But it's been a blast to own, work on, and drive around for the last couple of months.

I've been a huge fan of the NSX since my Gran Turismo 2 days but never anticipated being able to own one. And even better - with this one being wide-bodied, repainted numerous times, supercharged, and with a spotty history - I'm not afraid of actually driving/enjoying it to the fullest, working on it myself, and making it my own. Basically not afraid of hurting the value of the car like I would if it were a pristine, low mileage example.

Anyway, huge thanks to the forum already for being a great resource, and thanks in advance for assisting with my questions I'm sure I'll post in the future. Here's the car a few weeks ago on a quick shopping trip after getting it registered in Texas:

Lucky! Welcome to NSX ownership.