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Roll Call!

18 July 2005
Just wanted to gauge how many fellow owners were in my area. I live in Montgomery, just north of Cincinnati Ohio. Any locals? Columbus, Dayton?
I live VERY close to you. I used to live in Montgomery, just moved down an exit to the Loveland/Indian Hill exit. I'm still not in the NSX club yet...still working out details..but within the next few weeks I'm glad to say. :biggrin:
Not in Ohio, but just an hour and a half due east of cincy in Columbus, IN. You should try and make it out for the drive on August 13th. See the thread "southern indiana drive" in this section.


Have a friend off I75 on Cin-Day road we see fairly often. You close to there?
HONDA9000 said:

Have a friend off I75 on Cin-Day road we see fairly often. You close to there?

I'm about 10-15 minutes on the hw from there. I was actually out that way today :smile:
I'm in Kettering, just outside Dayton. I'm planning to go to the Columbus, IN drive this coming Saturday. Hopefully we'll see other from the area there.
HONDA9000 said:

Have a friend off I75 on Cin-Day road we see fairly often. You close to there?

Yup, I'm about 15 minutes away from Cincinnati dayton road.
Yes I do have a custom plate....why do you ask?
I just saw you driving down 71 towards Kenwood one morning. All I know is it had me grinning like a 7 year old in Toys R Us :biggrin:

God I can't wait to get mine!!!
Yup...that was me. My office is in Kenwood, right off Montgomery Rd.

Was I lacing into it or just cruising?

Whats the deal with your NSX? Looking for one or waiting for delivery?
You were just crusing. My whole deal is finding the right one. I'm going to pick up an earlier one, and start out from there. :biggrin:
I hear ya.....Good Luck, bro.

Remember, though....the best things come to those who wait. Can't have a trigger finger when you're looking for a nice car.

The right one will come around eventually.

Good luck!
My 2000 red/tan (7500 miles) was delivered to my Dad's in STL today.... I won't be able to go pick it up until later this week. Live in N. Klantucky (Florence Y'all)
Nice, down in the FLO. Everytime I'm down there, I get a nice chuckle out of that big ass watertower
I live in the Oakley/ Hype Park area, east of Cincinnati. Silverstone05- I think I saw your car @ Harper's Point one sat afternoon. Cool plates and of course a very nice x!

Yea, in Haper's Point......That was proabaly me....There's a furniture store there that a family friend owns. It's called Bova. They've got some good stuff there, and I'm stocking up on furniture for the new place.

Did you have your NSX with you? I didn't see any.
I was not driving the nsx. I drove a graphite grey IS300 and parked right in front of your car to have a closer look :smile: Anyway, I like the stuff at Bova. U should also check out Voltage if u are into modern furniture.
Hey Silverstone, will you be around town (Cincy area) on the weekend of the 22nd & 23rd? (October) We'll be down that way and I'd like to check out your ride, weather permitting, that is. Give me a shout if you may have time.