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Roof, Trunk + Spoiler, Engine Glass, Roof Space, Tail Lights, OZ Futura, etc

12 November 2020
Central Switzerland
Hello Guys,
I broke an NSX and have some parts to spare.

1. NSX 3rd Brake Light Filler Replacement (no working brake light, just a replacement) - 150$

2. EUDM Tail Lights with Center Part, Sealants optional - 750$

I also got rear Sidepanels and Rear Bumper, Doors (complete) and Cluster Gauge. I will add these in a later time, please be patient.

Pls consider the shipping costs from central Europe.
5. Trunk with Spoiler, Midnight Purple, PB73P - 1550 $

6. Engine Glass, Dampers Optional - 1200$

7. Exhaust Muffler NA1 EUDM, 1995 - 550$

8. OZ Futura Staggered set 17x7.5 & 18x9.0, tires may be removed - 2250$