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S2K ABS conversion kit for RHD

13 June 2020
Selling a complete kit to convert NSX ABS system *for RHD cars* to the more modern S2K ABS system. I gathered all these parts in anticipation of converting my car to the S2K ABS system, but then I was fortunate enough to acquire a NSX 2000+ ABS upgrade kit and no longer need this. So everything is new (except modulator) and never installed. I’m selling this entire S2K kit together. Included are:

• Helix Auto Works conversion harness for S2K ABS. This harness is $500 from Helix. This will work for either RHD or LHD.

• Mita Motorsports brake lines kit for S2K ABS conversion *for RHD cars*. This kit costs $300 plus $120 shipping to the U.S. if you needed purchase the LHD version. Mita confirms that every line is different between RHD and LHD so you cannot use this kit on a LHD car.

• Used S2K ABS modulator. I bought this off EBay from a used auto parts store and it was advertised as working, but please note I have not tested it. No reason to think it's not working but there is no warranty. This will work for either RHD or LHD.

• Instruction manual from Helix

Note that you will lose TCS on your NSX when you install this kit. Instructions provided on how to disable TCS light.

Selling this entire setup for $750 local pickup in Charlotte NC. So this is $100 less in parts than what I paid, plus the international shipping is already paid. The Mita is box is large so shipping will be expensive, and the ABS modulator is not light, I would expect shipping to be at least $100 total in the US (would be three boxes total).

PayPal F&F or Venmo preferred. I will accept PayPal G&S for $800 plus shipping costs.


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