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ScienceofSpeed Introduces new ScienceofSpeed NSX Harness Bar System

19 January 2001
Chandler, AZ
After much testing to improve upon existing harness bar solutions, we're excited to release the new ScienceofSpeed NSX Harness Bar System.

Installation is simple and the modular design elegant eliminating the need to remove the seats. This avoids potential scrapes to paint or interior surfaces. This harness bar is compatible with all seats, factory and aftermarket, and has the feature to allow factory harness belts to be installed with even factory seats.





best regards,
-- Chris
Hi Chris,

Please add this to my shippment and let me know if I need to send you more $$$ to cover all the shipping cost.

Thanks Regard
Paul Siu
hi guys --

Thank you for your questions.

Jay -- Yes, the cross bar is tubular and can accept most camera mounts including the ones from IOPort: http://www.ioportracing.com/

Paul -- Thank you for your interest. I will add this to your existing order and e-mail you a revised invoice.

No drilling into the body is required. Due to the placement of the factory seat belt anchor point, a small 1" hole must be drilled into the interior plastic B-pillar panel using the template we provide. I have seen a bar sold in the US and one in Japan that use a bracket to relocate this mounting point. We determined that such a method is unsafe. The top point of the bar must be anchored directly into the b-pillar to provide maximum strength. If you are uncomfortable with drilling your interior panel, we can provide pre-drilled interior panels so you may keep your factory panels.

Take care,
-- Chris
perhaps a dumb question but would this harness bar improve chassis stiffness at all?
Yes, it should contribute to chassis rigidity, however, the NSX is fairly rigid where the harness bar is placed. The largest gains in rigidity seem to come from the front frame ends (NSX-R Chassis Bars).

take care,
-- Chris

Da Hapa said:
perhaps a dumb question but would this harness bar improve chassis stiffness at all?
Received mine yesterday and took a quick snap shoot. Sorry didn't have a better photo but must rush to work. Mechanic also kicked me out because he didn't want me to get in his way...... :mad:

I must be the first few to receive this. Will post picture once installed.


PS: Top quality product ........ :smile: