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Seat belt light......... and antenna........

26 June 2000
Lauderdale by the Sea, FL, USA
Is there anyway to make the seat belt light go out on an 01 NSX?

Note to the smartasses like me......... I know that I could just fasten my seat belt.

Also, has anyone diasbled their antenna by pulling the fuse or something. It seems to me that my stations come in just fine with the antenna down so I'd rather not ever have the antenna up. Is it ok to just pull the fuse? Is it a separate one that only conrols the antenna or is it a combo fuse? Thanks.
Fasten your seat belt, Todd. We wouldn't want anything bad to happen to you. The car can always be replaced.

Your seat belt also helps your ability to maintain control of your car in the event of a sudden emergency or collision, by keeping you in place behind the controls.
Since I never wear my seatbelts (I always wear my harness)I found that you can just unplug the blue connector under the seat.
If you pull back the carpet in the trunk near the antenna you can just unplug the wire harness going to the motor.
Todd, disconnecting the wires may void your warranty!

But really, isn't it easier and safer to wear your seatbelt??

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cockpit is big enough for high-speed projectiles to be damaged - and in a crash, that's what your body becomes if it's not belted in