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Seat Cover

12 January 2008
Lake Tahoe
I had good luck previously using seat covers to protect the leather on my old C5 Vette. Thinking I want to go the same route with the 2005 NSX......any recommendations would be greatly appreciated:wink:
Do you have fuzzy dice to go along with the seat covers? :biggrin: There's really no reason not to sit your a$$ directly on the leather. If you need to in the future, you can always order a set of replacement leather covers through a wonderful online vendor who I purchased a set through here on Prime.
I picked up seat covers made from leather(or probably imitation leather) from an auto parts store. Its a good fit but not perfect fit;the package says universal fit and there is suppose to be away to adjust it to make the fit more snug but I haven't figured it out. I am using the seat covers until I get a chance to get the interior redone because the current driver side seat is not in the best condition.
"How about the OEM sheepskin covers"

Thats a good idea. My inside was scorching hot yesterday. I should have probably selected a different color and material now that I think about it.