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Seattle SyKart Day 4/30 @ 5:30pm

9 June 2004
Here's the deal. I reserved a spot for up to 10 of us at SyKart April 30(next sat) at 5:30 -all the other time slots were completely full as Saturday is really busy for them.
I had to put down a $180 non-refundable deposit to secure a spot. If there are more than 10 of us, you can just race as regular customers.

Our reserved spot gets us 2 10 minute races each for $30 bucks. It's kinda expensive but its really fun. Expect to pay about $15 per race if we want more than that. For more information please see their website. If you're 100% going to attend please let me know.

I'll be there Brian, maybe bring a couple of my friends along, and you knew Jackson and Ferrand will be there, so we have at lease 5 people for sure.
Brian, me and Polar were the regulars there, so we know Steve(Store Manager) pretty good. I don't think we are getting a-good-enough deal, They have buy 3 get 1 in the weekends, and our member price is only $12 on Mon-Thursday. Hopefully he's there that day and I can milk him for a little more discount :biggrin:.

Ok, so avoiding all the late show up or whatnot, you know the I5 downtown construction. Our meet time will still be official around 3:30pm. Go Kart start at 5:30pm. Anybody who'll be late for 2 hours will miss the first race, sounds fair.

One thing for sure is that it will probably rain, so we might not have a big turn out.
but, Here's the attendences list:

GUEST: SaberX's brother.
nsxdreamer2 (could bring 2-3 friends)
polar (2-3 more friends)
gene '96 #178(50%??)
Bill Robson (50%?)
Ron ??
Thanks for coming out guys - we had a great time. Here's some pics. There are some videos of the "fun" too.


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Hi Brian,

Great job on setting up the racing event....... It was enjoyed by all.
I can't wait to see the next get-together you set up :smile:

Thanks again,
Gene Greer