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shelf life of touch-up paint

Zennsx said:
Try and use it on a piece of metal and see. :rolleyes:
Yup. As long as it mixes well and flows well, it should be fine. Just try it. Don't forget to shake well (REALLY well) beforehand.

Basically, I think touch-up paint can last forever. (I'm assuming you don't do anything abusive like leave it in a car or garage where it can freeze or bake.)

I'm still using the touch-up paint from when I bought my '91 and it works fine.
The only issue I've had is it may thicken up a bit after a long time. A drop or two of lacquer thinner fixes that. I have some Porsche touchup from 2000 that still works fine.
Same comment as previous post. I had a 24 year old bottle of touch up paint for a 25 year old car. Added a little bit of acetone every year to deal with thickening of the paint. As an observation, even on new bottles of paint thinning helps to eliminate the blob problem with touch up paint as it helps the paint flow into the chip.
hmmm his paint was 5 yo in 2005 ...so now its 17 yo...more thinner....:biggrin: