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Should I buy a salvage title NSX?

1 April 2002
Poway, CA USA
Hi NSX prime I'm a newcomer to your fine site - I have a question regarding salvage-title NSX's. Turns out, a used red 1998 NSX came up on the market just last week in our area, and we went down to take a look at it. The body and interior are generally in good condition and the engine runs great. The only caveat is it is a salvage title car (hence the suspiciously low price for such a new car with low mileage).

Upon further research we came upon this site, and we checked out the "crash and burn" gallery - turns out the red 98 NSX with driver-side impact pictures matched the same ID number as the one we were looking at
(JH4NA2169WT000022). Based on the pictures, the impact looked pretty serious

Anyway, what do you think? Is it worth the risk of getting a salvage-title NSX? Or should we hold off and settle for an older NSX with a clear title? Thanks!
Is it worth the risk of getting a salvage-title NSX?


Or should we hold off and settle for an older NSX with a clear title?


If you do a "search" on previous topics with the word "salvage" in the title, I think you'll find that there is a near-consensus here giving the same advice.
Jaznliu, you are learning to research though this site and all of it's great resources quite well.

I made that post you talked about in Jan. 2001. I too drove that car, it did drive very nice. A guy that fixes cars off of University Ave near the 15 was asking $59,000, I had to ask him if it had a salvage title, he did not offer the information. He claimed that he had no pictures of the car or any of his repair history. There were many clues that made me ask if it was salvage.

I think that I saw this same car for sale about 4 months ago for $41,000. I don't know any other details. Carfax does show it as a salvage car.

Look carefully at this damage http://www.nsxprime.com/Gallery/crashburn/JH4NA2169WT000022-b.jpg and http://www.nsxprime.com/Gallery/crashburn/JH4NA2169WT000022-a.jpg. It looks like there could be frame damage.

To me the risk was way to high. I am sure if others look at the photos they will tell you to run away from this car. Of course I do not know what the price is but remember it will always have a salvage title and will always be hard to resell.

Also think of the safety of the car. I am sure someday you might want to take a spirited drive. Would you feel safe and sure that some hidden crack somewhere might decide to all of the sudden break and cause you to get in an accident. Is it worth it? I don't know, that will be for you to decide. For me, I could not take that risk.

I think if money is the issue for you, you could buy a 91 to 94 for less money than that car and end up with a better car.

If you would like to talk email at [email protected]

There is a 91 or 92 car for sale $32,000 asking price and maybe 70k miles. I do not know many details but we could find out.

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The way I see it, there is little chance we can get a post '97 NSX for the price range we're looking at (unless it's a salvage title). We're also seriously debating the issue about whether we go for an older NSX with a clear title and have peace of mind or chance it with the newer (but previously wrecked) car.

Though we did fall in love with that extra gear, the targa top, the larger engine displacement, the nice larger chrome rims, and all the other goodies - we're not quite sure we can settle for an older NSX after driving this one.

If a mechanic at our local acura dealer gives it a clean bill of health, do you think it's still a viable choice? Thanks again.
being in the business, bying a salvage title car isn't as scary as many people on this bored seem to think, infact i know many cars that no one would ever expect to have a branded title but they do.
anyway the picture shows it was in a pretty bad wreck, however "if fixed right!!!" it should be fine
don't take to anybody unless they are certified aluminum welders most dealers here in Florida are not.
tell the guy who is selling it you know before picture aand i'm sure he'll cry tell him that it's all over the internet he'll cry even more try to beat him down in price, ask for receipts of part did the put a new/used roof on the car, door, rocker, etc. as any salvage car they have to show the dmv this info so the dmv knows there is no chop shop operation going on if he says he dosn't have them and he fixed the nsx he is lying
finally just look at the pros and cons for this car
and only you can decided
What price are they selling the car for? Someone mentioned they saw the car for 41K. If the price is this or less, it seems you are getting the car at a very good price.

If a mechanic (someone who knows aluminum) checks the car out and the car is straight then I would seriously consider this car. Cars can be repaired to be almost as good as original, if you are able to purchase a car that is 95% as good as original for 20K less than it seems to me this is a viable alternative to an older model.

Good Luck!
My friend's father-in-law is a respectful car mechanic who works extensively on exotic cars that were in severe accidents or flood damage.

I showed him the picture.

Here are his words: "do not buy it."
His reason: There aren't any pictures that can describe the condition of the damage. Many parts and particles are lost and fratured in damage, and even the best of the best cannot recover all the little "particles". These particles may still exist somewhere in the car. Usually, these causes the failure in operating the car.
Also, from the picture, he informed me that the car did have a frame damage. He recommended not to buy the car.

He added:
When you believe that the car is fixed right, and runs perfectly, it's because you are only looking at the short term effect. If you are a risk lover, then it's up to you.

His final words:
No one should pay more than $30k.

Tell you honestly, I have no idea how much the engine and the transmission cost. I am probably sure that you are absolutely right.

However, when I talked to the mechanic who works on exotic cars told me that the car as a whole may not be worth that much.. And, he sort of convinced me... Perhaps, I am just a scary cat